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. this is kpix 5 news. i looked over my shoulder. and everybody was running towards me saying run. you know run. >> the after math of the shooting at los angeles international airport just ahead the latest on the suspect and the effects of weekend air travel at bay area aiorts. you hear the warnings every halloween. rarely does it actually happen. but a monterey bay area woman has been poisoned this year by trick or treat candy. on the heal of halloween, ski season arrived in the sierra. the tahoe area resort open for skiers and snowboarder. it's 7:00 a.m. on saturday the second of november 2013. good morning i'm mark kelly. >> and i'm anne makovec.
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but first latest from los angeles airport. investigators are trying to piece together evidence from yesterday's deadly shooting that left a tsa agent dead and two others injured. police are looking into the background of the suspect in custody. edward lawrence joins us live from lax. are things getting back to normal there? >> they're trying to get back to normal here at the airport. terminal three is frozen in time. it's been frozen in time from the moment after the shooting. no one is allowed in. it's considered an active crime scene. the passengers who left their belongings there have to leave the belongings there until at least later on this afternoon. police are trying to figure out why this shooter hated the tsa so much that he targeted them. investigators worked through the night at lax's terminal three processing the crime scene. police say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked into the terminal, pulled out a semiautomatic rifle and started
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shooting. >> i just saw the gun. and i was just terrified. like everybody else was. we were all just on the ground. >> reporter: 39-year-old tsa officer hernandez was killed. federal agents brought food to their home and neighbors say they're shocked. >> my heart goes out to them. i pray that the lord will give them peace and strength to go through this. >> reporter: the head of the tsa will arrive here later today to meet with hernandez's family and other agents wounded in the shooting. in a note he called himself a pissed off patriot. and believed his constitutional rights were being violated by the searches. >> the text message was a message to the little brother. the way it was written. it had concern about it. it was brought to our attention. >> reporter: his roommates never suspected he was capable
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of such violence. more than 1500 flights arriving and departing were disrupted yesterday during this shooting. because of the shooting after math. now jet blue is actually moving their flights for today down to their long beach hub which is not too far from here. another airport just south. and virgin america has listed their flights as either canceled or delayed today. so they're trying to get the passengers who are stranded here back to their destinations wherever they need to go. edward lawrence, kpix 5. >> considering he has an assault rifle. it seems lucky there weren't more people injured. do we have any idea how many times the suspect fired that assault rifle? >> reporter: that's what police were saying. is that this is very lucky there weren't more injuries in this. there were ten shots that he got off and seven people were injured total. we do understand from witnesses that he actually would ask people as he was going through the terminal are you with the tsa? and when they said no he moved
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on and shot down the hallway. he was clearly according to witnesses, hunting and looking for tsa agents. >> edward lawrence live at lax. air traffic is getting back to normal at the bay area three major airports. there were several flight cancellations at ffo and oakland international. and there could be lingering effects through the weekend. if you're headed to the airport or picking someone up today, be sure to check the status of the flight before you head to the airport. not just for trips to lax. because there has been a ripple effect. time to check on how the weekend weather is shaping up. brian. mark, it's good to see you. >> yes despite the problematic news we have it's good to see you. pretty good sanity on tap. plenty of sun around the bay area.
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as soon as we hit sunrise. but later in the day, we're going to be cooler today than yesterday. with temperatures out the door just about 50 degrees. and then tonight, tonight, it's going to get windy. especially around the ridge top of the bay area. east bay wills. wind advisories are posted. we'll have the details and the forecast in a few moments. but first, let's get the latest from anne and mark. a replacement for the groups leader who who was killed by the u.s. drone spike. the death sparked protests in pakistan where some politicians contend it's an attempt to sabotage peace talks. he was among the united states most wanted terrorists. it's believed he was behind a deadly suicide attack at a cia base in afghanistan and a failed car bombing in new york's time square. police are urging parents
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to check their kids halloween candy after a woman got sick. she doesn't want her face shown. but she ate three pieces of chocolate candy and had a panic attack. she had chills and stomach pains and god nauseous. her vision got blurry. she felt disoriented and she started slurring her speech. we changed her voice to protect her identity. >> i was afraid for myself. i was more afraid for my child. what's going to happen? what if something happens to me here. who's going to know that we're out here. and you know i'm raising my daughter on my own. and it's kind of, you know, afraid of what's going to happen to her. >> results from blood tests are still bending but a doctor told police symptoms were consistent with an acid based substance. one of barts biggest unions approved a contract after an
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agreement with management that ended a strike against the transit agency. the results were announced late last night. 88 percent of the members voted in favor of a four-year deal. it includes wage increases and a compromise on pensions and health care costs. the other main union atu local 1555 voted late last night but has not yet announced the results. family and friends are mourning the death of 34-year-old frankie jimenez of dickson. he was struck and killed on interstate 680 in milpitas. adrien veered into the cone zone. his car slam into the back of a truck where jimenez was standing and removing a sign. sanchez was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. the crash shut down several lanes for yesterday's morning commute. backing up traffic for miles. firefighters are looking
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into what caused a car to burst into flames and explode. it happened in yesterday morning's commute. thick black smoke filled the eastbound bore of the tunnel. traffic came to a screeching halt and commuters were briefly trapped. more than 150 people just abandoned their cars and poured out of the tunnel. the smoke was so thick it was difficult for them to see and breathe. people were covering their faces and carrying their children. for the most part, the evacuation was orderly. >> explosions started. the car exploded. big bangs. so i got out and walked all the way out. it was snow smoky in there. it was terrible really. >> they had a baby. the firemen were bringing the baby out too. >> eight people were take on the the hospital for smoke
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inhalation. but no one was seriously hurt. traffic was backed up for miles. new attraction in sonoma county is expected to have a big impact. it's expected to bring a lot of folks through ranork park. 3,000 slot and poker machines, 10,000 more vehicles are expected on the roads in the area. the chp is preparing for the traffic increase. >> we're going to try to keep it from happening. but give yourself some extra time. just be mentally prepared for that. >> or not. wake up wednesday morning and traffic is moving, we'll be happy. >> a spokesman for the casino says you need not worry about sitting in traffic, charter bus service will be provided. >> everybody wishes they had more storage space from time to time. now the old oakland army base will provide ample service.
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it's a $1.2 billion project known as oakland global. these abandoned buildings will be large warehouses for the port of oakland more storage space means more cargo and better imports and exports. but more than 2,000 permanent jobs. >> require 50 percent of the work hours coming from oakland residents. along are requirements that contractors hire local residents as a premises on to the project. >> oakland global is expected to be finished in five years. the transformation will generate $3 million in taxes for oakland. new information about the chaos and confusion in castro valley after workers abandoned patients at an assisted care facility. here's an excerpt from a 911 call made by a staff member who stayed. >> is she breathing? >> yes. >> so we don't know what's wrong? he's just not looking well?
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>> what is wrong? >> valley springs manor shut down for two days last week. patients were inside with no staff to take care of them. except a janitor and a cook. that job included helping amputees the bedridden and mentally impaired. authorities are searching for the staff members who abandoned their post. fans of gadgets by cupertino based apple converged on the company stores to get the latest version of the ipad. in new york, hundreds lined up before dawn yesterday at the flag ship apple store there on fifth avenue. and then celebrated when it opened. similar scenes played out around the country. the ipad air costs about $500 which is more expensive than competing tablets but reviews have been positive. the new ipad weighs just a pound. still to come, we'll take
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you to the sierra where skiers and snowboarders are opening the season near donor summit. >> and one of america's favorite snow time movies has a fitting tribute. we'll hear from the actor who appears in one memorable scene. we're cooling off a little bit. a little bit of a slap in the face for the bay area forecast. plenty of sun. numbers in the low 70s inland. changes come tomorrow and later in the week. we'll have the forecast for you after we attend to generating a little revenue. stay tuned. ,, [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right?
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[son]hi! [mom screams]
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snowboards. ountain resort fired . well we are enjoying sunshine in the bay area. it's all ready time to prepare your skis and snowboards. speak boreal mountain resort fired up the chair lift and it's the first mountain to open in the sierra. 16 inches of snow fell to make a solid base there. hundreds of people packed the slopes yesterday. >> basically magic out here at boreal. we're so stoked to be the first resort open in california. >> boreal is open today from 10:00 to 2:00 if you want to be spontaneous and make a quick
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trip, head up there. getting to look a little bit like winter. i'm hearing hints of potential rain next week. >> you're hearing hints about it, yes. >> are you going to connell firm that or deny it? >> i'll confirm the hints. >> we are starting out with mostly cloudy conditions. dense fog out there as you head across the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge this morning. inland, plenty of sunshine later tonight. winds will pick up. there are wind advisories posted that begin later tonight and will last through tomorrow. as we expect up to 45 miles an hour in the ridge tops of the north bay mountains and the east bay and the south bay. that will be cooler today too. but travel with caution tonight and tomorrow. this is how it looks at think at ocean beach. it's actually hard to tell. there's so many clouds out there. 45 degrees at concord. 50 at oakland. san francisco, 51 degrees and santa rosa is at 38. this weekend for the charles
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schaub cup, breezy and cool. a temperature of 60 degrees. don't forget by the way, say goodbye to sunshine late in the day. we're going to set our clocks back tonight an hour. so spring ahead, fall back, tonight set the clocks back. literally at 2:00 in the morning on sunday morning. here's what we're expecting, low pressure is diving into the pacific northwest. as that comes in, the pressure's in the atmosphere. and as the pressure's fall, the temperatures fairleigh suit. winds will pick fall too. this will bring us a hint of rain. it wouldn't be much. and it wouldn't be until thursday. but that's a heads up for you. here's what it's looking like today. the low pressure center will carve a new york in the pressure. we'll get cooler temperatures. the winds picking up. cooler today, gusty winds
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tonight. mild week ahead. until thursday. then we shall see my friend. okay. here's how it looks, 71 at santa rosa. 68 for oakland. still nice inland, low 70s. 71 at concord. the forecast, sunshine all over the place. later in the day. but later in the week, clouded up on thursday and friday. maybe a few sprinkles. but nothing will put a dent on what's been an extrordinarilly dry year. a hundred business leaders from china are in the silicon valley this weekend for a conference designed to persuade them to relocate and invest. they'll be seeing and hearing about the best tech has to offer. al gore and apple cofounder steve will make speeches that one of the organizers of chinese u.s. business relations are up. >> this is the center. a high-tech center of the
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world. and they should have a place to connect china and the u.s. >> california is stepping up its game in terms of our competitiveness and aggressiveness. to weave more business into our state. >> the california office of economic development will try to win over the businessmen with incentives like $750 million of new tax credits the state can invest next year. the silicon valley technology innovation entrepreneur ship forum includes panel discussions and a start up contest. your morning sports report coming up after this break. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bottom of google's secr project in the middle of the bay. yesterday, governor jey brown told us... even he isn . all week kpix 5 has been trying to get to the bottom of google's secret project in the middle of the bay. yesterday governor gary brown told us he's in the dark on this. >> there's so many things i want to know. but you can add that to the list. >> do you know? >> i do know. it's google's plan to market google glass. you haven't been informed by the coast guard? >> i don't. there are a few things that don't get to my desk. but i'll look into it now that you've brought it up. >> it's being personally directed by air is ya, a cofounder of mountain view based google. the moveable showroom for google products, most importantly google glass is made up of 40-foot shipping containers that can be assembled and disassembled any where in the world. containing three floors of showrooms and an upper party
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deck. but since it's a floating vessel, the structure is subject to all applicable maritime regulations. the american league western division champion oakland a's are keeping the same hitter. coco crisp. and the just concluded season, he hit a career high 22 home runs and he stole 21 bases. the a's pick up the option for pitcher brett anderson. but declined on kurt suzuki and chris young. the shark's young sensation thomas hurdle has been named the rookie of the month. he led the rookie class for october with an incredible eight goals and eleven points in 13 games. the big game was a four goal night against the new york rangers. and san jose on the 8th of october. one of them was this through the legs goal that became a viral video. and the sharks host the phoenix coyotes this evening in
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downtown san jose. also on app the san jose spartans are at unlv. the california bears host the arizona wildcats and berkeley. and in basketball, the warriors host the sacramento kings in oakland. you may remember the world's best known double dog dare. a fitting tribute to a popular holiday movie scene. coming up. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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authorities in los angeles y the suspect in the deadly shooting at l-a internation airport had a large amount . >> welcome back. here's a look at top stories. >> authorities say the suspect in the deadly shooting at lax had a large amount of ammunition. he had 150 rounds when he opened fire. a tsa agent was killed. the first to die in the line of duty. two others were injured. air traffic is returning to normal patterns at the bay area's three major airports. there were several flight cancellations. many delays because of the shooting in l.a. they include two departures and three arrivals at the airport in san jose. travelers should check the status of their flights ahead of tame and not just for trips to lax. one of bart's two biggest unions approved a four-year contract to cap off a bitter labor dispute. the results were announced last night. 88 percent of the members voted
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yes. the deal includes wage increases and a compromise on pensions and health care costs. another union also voted but has not yet made results public. one more look at the weather. >> can't get enough. it looks nice. we're starting out with dense fog along the shore line. but after that. mostly sunny skies. and the winds will pick up tonight. that's the big thing. as we look through fog this morning. 45 at concord. oakland at 50. san francisco, 51. forecast highs today are nice. low 70s for the most part. inland the low 60s along the shore line. we'll get sunshine. the winds tonight will be picking up. strap down anything that needs to be strapped down. plenty of sun the weeks ahead. look at the total end of the week, temperatures will dive by next weekend. so enjoy this week while you can. it's going to turn chilly next week. >> and don't forget to turn the chocks back. i love the extra hour.
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i know you lose the extra hour of daylight. >> you can't have it all. just in time the the holidays. a christmas classic is frozen in time. you probably remember the scene in the movie a christmas story where flick gets triple dog dared. now they'll never forget the seen as his tongue gets frozen to the flag pole. a bronze statue was sculpted to keep the scene forever remembers. the actor was there for the unveiling. >> it was a plastic pole with a suction cup. i put a little hole in it. it was like a vacuum cleaner if you think about it. same thing just smaller. >> schwartz was honored by the statue. he was 15 when he played the role of flick. that was 35 years ago. , ,,,,,,,,
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